The Holding Company is a 3-story music venue, bar and restaurant located in Ocean Beach San Diego CA just steps away from the beach on Newport Ave.


We are now boasting three stories: 

1) a 300+ cap state of the art performance space on the bottom floor 

2) a 190 cap restaurant and DJ lounge on the 2nd story and 

3) a rooftop bar with ocean view


Our music venue is fully equipped with a state of the art soundsystem, lighting rig, video wall, backline.



The Holding Company (THC 1502) 

 Backline Info



(2) two - Nexo Mains - PS15

Powered by 

(2) two - Nexo Amps - nxamp4x1

(4) four - Nexo Subs - LS18’s 



(6) six - Yamaha CM15V’s 

(1) One - qsc 181 sub 

Powered by (4) four -Yamaha px-8 -- amp



(4) four - sennheiser 835’s

(1) one - wireless sennheiser 835

(2) two - overhead mics -- rode n5 

Sure pg drum mic pack (beta 52, sm57’s) 

(4) four - shure sm57’s 

B2 large diaphragm (used as mono overhead)

Sterling ST 151 large diaphragm. 


Guitar Amps:

limited edition 65 fender deluxe tweed

fender twin reverb 


Bass Amp:

Ampeg SVT 7 Pro Head

Ampeg 8x10 Cab 



Yamaha Tour Custom Maple 4-Piece Shell Pack with 22-in Bass Drum



ROC-N-SOC Throne

***DRUMMERS must bring all breakables: cymbals, kick pedal, snare, sticks etc. 




(4) four - Elation Sixpar 100

(2) two - Elation Protron 3k Strobe


(4) four - Elation Sixpar 200

(4) four - Elation Espot 3

(8) eight - Elation Dartz360


 Antari z350


Chamsys MagicQ 2 Universe PC Controller


2 Pioneer CDJ 2000's 

Pioneer DJM900 nxs2


(2) two - 1/4 in to xlr male

(2) two - 1/4 in to xlr female

(26) twenty six - 15ft livewire xlr cables 


PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN FLASH DRIVE WITH Photos Videos You Want on the Video Wall

minimum ideal resolution -- 1280x720p and up 

please save all background logos as png and set resolution to the highest fomat. can do jpg but png is better 

Videos must be mp4 and we need them 48hrs in advance of the show to render to the system.